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The last year has been a great year for WATURU. During the year the company has initiated exciting partnerships with major international brands, who see great potential in the company's unique water technology - both within heating and wastewater, including distribution agreements with suppliers for office buildings, and customized solutions (OEM).


Climate change is more than ever on the politicians' agenda, and the demand for new environmentally friendly innovations that can contribute to the reduction of CO2 is on the rise. With a record warm summer in Europe, including Denmark, we felt the consequences of the rise in temperature on our own body - heat wave, drought and forest fires.

In the latest IPCC Report (2018) on the state of the climate, it is stated that the impact of climate change will be considerably less at a heating rate of 1.5 rather than 2 degrees. If global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees, according to the IPCC Report, it is not enough to aim for the EU's current 2030 goals. In a debate on the climate report, the climate panel (Klimapanelet) writes the following:

"The IPCC's new report clearly shows that it is in our own interest to make Denmark and the EU a zero-carbon footprint society around 2050." (


To achieve the goal of a zero-carbon footprint society, we need to act quickly and WATURU has the ambition to be a part of the solution. Therefore, the past year has also been the year where the company has invested in new employees that will help lift the green baton.

By 2018, WATURU has significantly increased its staff and expects the same in 2019. In this regard, Toke Reedtz (CEO WATURU), states the following:

"With our new employees, we can run even faster, which is crucial in our mission to bring forward new innovative technology that can save water and energy and lower the CO2 emissions from the hot water infrastructure. We believe that we should take the changes very seriously and we feel the responsibility to contribute to the reduction of CO2. Just as we turn off our cars when we do not use them we should do so with our hot water infrastructures.” (Toke Reedtz, CEO WATURU).

In the near future, the company will begin to hire additional employees within sales, engineering, production and administration.

If you can contribute to WATURU’s green growth journey, you are more than welcome to send your resume and an unsolicited application to You are also welcome to contact WATURU by phone: +4542909038.

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